Bond Finance

Funding Lines

Term Investment Loans

Investment mortgages from £20,000,000, we can offer term debts via our bond for up to a 5-year commitment based on an Interest Only Repayment.

We are happy to structure funding on Residential / Commercial / Mixed Use Schemes, all assets must be income generating.

We look for 120% servicing on our loans and interest payments are collected on a quarterly basis.

Development / Construction Loans

  • 100% LTC Product, we can offer 100% of construction costs as long as the land acquisition is covered by the client and we are at maximum of 70% GDV.
  • 75% LTC Product, we provide a 75% LTC product across full development costs (Acquisition & Construction) Maximum of 70% GDV.
  • 85% LTC Stretched Senior, we offer a stretched senior product across full development costs which is a blend of senior construction finance and Mezzanine finance, Maximum of 70% GDV.
  • Mezzanine Finance, we can provide Mezz debt up to 85% LTC on a project in special cases based on location and exit we can push up to 90%.
  • Equity Funding – In some instances we can provide equity via our investors on large scale projects where £20,000,000 + is required as a minimum. We require a contribution from developer in all projects.

Minimum Loan Size £20,000,000 on all structures.

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