If you are one of many that the likes of RBS, Co-operative, Yorkshire Bank or any of the Irish Banks have recently with drawn their commercial mortgage from or have not offered you a new loan. We can help, Federal Finance works closely with all of the above lenders to exit clients from their banks on to new commercial mortgages with more preferable terms for you.

Should any bank, wish for you to exit your existing loan or request you move your funding away from them, DO NOT PANIC, one simple call to us and we can deal with your bank directly and negotiate a deal to exit your lender and reduce your debt with the bank at the same time.

Case Study

Client owed £4,200,000 to RBS bank but the value of his property stood at £3,600,000. The client was in breach of his loan and the bank wanted a quick exit from the client and security.

Federal Finance was approached to consult on the matter, we negotiated a deal with RBS to write off £2,200,000 worth of debt and allow the client to have a clean break with no further action.

We secured the client a commercial mortgage of £2,000,000 to pay off RBS and release security of the property. The client reduced debt by £2,200,000 and secured a new commercial mortgage of £2,000,000 over 15 year term.

The bank took a reduced payment to exit the deal, the client obtained equity in his properties and saved him self from repossession.

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